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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The road to Putra Jaya.

I was very intrested to creates my own blogs today, initially a year ago. It should be 2 years ago after I attended Rocky's court hearings. Due of visions of these years on .....
. . . . . . after all those works of master minding of setting and building up the Putra Jaya and the PM's palace, those dreams under contruction, the dreams was not come true. it's the other way round, the table were overturned. The dreams collaped. Feelings of ill treated, deeply infernos, years of Kajang sunctuaries made up a very powerful person with one aims. Vengeance. Sorry I would say these, if I were on his positions, regardless it's wrong or not after what he been through..... definetly I'll push my self hard to inhale, to breath a common air. I'll make my way. I'll make it that I'm not guilty. I'll make sure those culprits involved in the conspiration will pays. For some peoples,' Revenges are very sweet'.
. . . . . . tought over it. Regardless of what will happend to the peaceful nation, who cares. Revenge comes first.
. . . . . . with the perfect plans, with obidiences supporters and the blind folded voters. I'll make my way to Putra Jaya which were planned by the former master should be. The dreams will come true. The nation will face exactly like our neighbouring countries, keeps changing leaders.
. . . . . . so, that was my thought. With the helps of MPs with the attitudes of flabbies four legged long jumping amphibians. The dreams will comes true. May the mighty and mercifull Allah saves this beutifull and peacefull nation that we loves most.

The indipendences were achieved with the 51 years flying moments. My saluttes to Hon. Tun and the formers PM. Dear Tun, I give U the 'A', thanks U for engineering this nation. Dear Pak Lah, it is not and easy tasks to leads this multi racial nation. Such a burderns with multi attitudes of the Malays, the S&S Bumis, Chinese, Indians and others.
. . . . . . Dear Pak Lah. As a ground root, I can see u very clear. My self as a leading NGO's leader with 300 thousands memberships, I think I have a fistfull of ideas. I'm not a ball polisher but sometimes I'm quite sacarstic. Sincerely are bitters but it's a very good medicines.

To the counterparts of the Malaysian Citizen.
. . . . . . .No heart feling maaa . . . . The truth is still the truth. We had work together in the long years. Suddently one person tickles U, U start jumping around. The statements made by Ahmad Ismail. He just recalls of our ancessors, your ancessors, my ancessors and their ancessors. Things goes hair wires. Who did it ?. Who is manuplatings the statements ? Who made it big ? Who provoked the the peoples tru the media ?. The same culprits. THE JOURNALIST. The honourable profession journalist if did well. My suggession : If anything bad happened, please. . . . send those journalists neither he or she to the peacefull sanctuary of ISA. They deserves it.

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ima77 said...

salam..hebat!! cikgu ismail jantan becoming the first Gayong Master who have his own blog...can u believe it???