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Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Opinion :

The words of 'silat' are based by few meanings, whereby it's could be illustrated in such a way fully dignity. Commonly it was from Malay Achepelagos, ofcourse no body and not even single a eye can denied it.It's the Malay's and their brotherhood counterpart, it is permanent posession 'till the Doom Day.
1. First meaning: 'Silat' is originated from Arabic word 'silat ur Rahim" means 'brotherhood'. Before that they have various forms such pukolan, lian, pencak and they called in teratoried meanings too. The first impression 'silat' its conveyed to a beutiful relationship. Its part of the ideas to create a common societies. When the silat lovers perfoms such a graceful movement self defence as well the Muslim stepped on the Malay's soils, its inclining changes to the words of 'silat'. SadaqAlah hul 'aim,
to be continue ......

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